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Shodoshimasan Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Extra virgin olive oil)

A major olive region in Japan, Shodoshima in Kagawa prefecture is an island in Seto Inland Sea with a topography quite similar to the Mediterranean coast, which is known the world over for its olives. Shodoshimasan Olive Oil is made
from olives carefully tended and grown as best fits the island’s soil and natural environment. These olives are individually picked by hand when the fruit is young and green, about a month earlier than the typical harvest. Oxidation ruins the taste and flavor of olive oil, and Arai Olive presses the olives at its own mill within six hours of harvesting to minimize oxidation. Extra virgin olive oil in general has an acidity level of 0.8% or lower. Shodoshimasan Olive Oil has an
acidity of just 0.1%. This is olive oil with a light, lush fragrance, and a pleasant sharpness and acerbity from the beautiful green olives from which it is made with painstaking attention to each and every detail.