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Shogyoshisetsuyo Kumiko Ranma (Latticework panels for commercial spaces)

These latticework panels crafted without the use of a single nail and entirely using the thin wood pieces within it is the kind of carpentry that has thrived in Japan for over 1000 years. There is no room for even 0.1 millimeter of an error. The work is so precise that the expertise sought after is described as the “pinnacle of hand crafts.” While this product has been predominantly used for delineating spaces within Japanese homes, there are now some developed for use in commercial spaces. Hotels and restaurants, for example, have used them both as spatial dividers and wall décor. They’re well liked for their ability to add an elegant Japanese style to any room. There are some panels made in large 3-meter dimensions, illustrating the flexibility in fitting them into just about any room layout. Panels are available in 18 different latticework patterns and are made of solid cypress or Japanese cedar, which is said to get better with age. There are many options to fit any vision and budget.