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Shohokuen Chaten Jiengyokuro (High-quality green tea)

Green Tea
Japanese tea (green tea) is grouped into a dozen or so varieties depending on how the leaves are grown and processed. Among them, the fragrant gyokuro is considered to be the king of green tea. The shoots of gyokuro tea leaves are covered and shielded from the sun for about 20 days to suppress photosynthesis. This process tones down the bitterness of the tea leaves and creates a rich, flavorful tea. Shohokuen Co., Ltd., established 370 years ago, is the only tea plantation that produces gyokuro in the Kohata area of the city of Uji, where high-quality Uji tea originates. Kohata is also the setting of a Japanese Heritage site celebrating Uji tea, “A Historical Walk Through 800 Years of Japanese Tea”. Jiengyokuro, a precious tea harvested at Shohokuen’s own tea plantation spanning a little less than 2 hectares, has a strong, rich flavor that leaves a fragrant aftertaste.