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sim ARM chair (Wooden chair)

KOMA is an organization of furniture makers whose works make one think, “If I wanted to change my life right now, I would change the chair in which I always sit.” Try carefully sitting in and comparing different KOMA-made chairs,
and you will feel your spine naturally extend, your concentration will improve, and you’ll be able to free your mind and body and relax. You’ll notice the music-like power of a chair to reverberate in your heart. In addition to their sitting comfort, their graceful forms carved out with cutting tools will also steal your heart. This chiseled beauty is forged through uncompromising hand-made workmanship using planes, chisels, and swords made by blacksmiths who are Traditional Craftsmen (certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry). The high-quality mass-produced models combining durability and cost performance unique to KOMA, are proud craftsmen’s chairs that give their users the highest degree of satisfaction.