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Sotto Hirakuto (Haru Honoka, Natsu Kirari, Aki Yurara, Yuki Fuwari) (Dried sweets and confetti)

The city of Kanazawa is flourishing with the opening of a new Shinkansen line. About a one-hour drive away lies Yamanaka Onsen (hot springs), which is located in the mountains of Kaga city and has over 1,300 years of history.
The tea ceremony and a culture of Japanese confections have thrived in this region since olden days. The Sotto Hirakuto series is a new creation that was born in this historic center of confectionaries. These seasonal higashi (dried
sweets) wrapped in monaka wafers (made from mochi) come in four types (spring, summer, autumn, and winter). Their light taste and delicate flavors convey the confectionary tradition of Kaga. Great care is also taken in the appearance. The higashi are attractively finished in decorative plant and food motifs for each season. A fortunetelling card is also inserted with each higashi, delivering a little surprise with each treat. These Japanese sweets are fun to
look at, hold, and eat.