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Stain Proof Bucket / House Doggie Mat (Bucket in stain-proof fabric)

The bucket fabric, a versatile material that is made into threads, dyed, and woven in the city of Tochio, Niigata, known for its fiber production, is water repellent and stain proof. Not only does it repel water and dirt, but it has a lightness that seems to defy gravity. Each mat is handcrafted by artisans, made using the Yamagata Tsukiyama Dantsu method (a traditional Japanese carpet with roots in China) and natural materials such as hemp and wool. The playful mood and seriousness that goes into production is evident in these fine mats.

[Producer’s Remarks]
The particular features of Niigata’s fiber production are made use of in the mats for a product born of the cooperation
between local designers and manufacturers. Developing a functional fabric and finishing it with a simple design results
in a convenient, first-rate product for everyday life. (Yu Yamada)