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Suwakomame (Sugar glazed soybeans)

Suwakomame are a traditional Japanese sweet that have been continuously eaten for nearly a century. They are traditionally made in the Suwa region of Nagano prefecture, an area rich in soybeans, with a thriving miso production
and soy sauce brewing tradition which dates back to ancient times. They are made via the traditional method of roasting natural soybeans and coating them with sugar and starch. Similar to the chocolate-coated orangette candies from France, Suwakomame are a coated treat originating in Japan. The simple, fragrant flavor of the soybean and the slight, natural sweetness of the surrounding sugar strike the perfect balance. The nutrition of the soybean is preserved, making it a safe snack for kids, and its ingredients of only soybeans, sugar and starch make it a good choice for those who do not consume animal products.