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T Go (Dry Confectionery)

The famous Usugori brand confectionery that melts in your mouth like a piece of thin ice is a higashi dried Japanese candy made by taking thin rice crackers that use Shin-Taishomai rice, a specialty brand from Toyama prefecture, and
wasanbon sugar from Tokushima prefecture, and applying multiple coats to each cracker in a unique manufacturing process. T Go, which refers to five tones (colors) and five tastes (“Go” is Japanese for the number five), gives this
Usugori, which has been made since 1752, a new modern sensibility. Along with the five flavors of cherry blossoms, green tea, yuzu (a citrus fruit), sesame, and wasanbon (sugar), come five different colored wrappers. When you
open one and put the candy in your mouth, a rich flavor refreshingly melts and spreads out. The round shape was made with the Japanese Rising-Sun flag in mind. This product was selected as an “Ultimate, World-Class Souvenir” by
the Japan Tourism Agency in 2013.