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Taikan Hakusaseisho Jyukusei Junmai Ginjo (Sake)

Japanese Sake
This junmai ginjo is produced by a sake maker established in 1869. Junmai ginjo is one type of Japanese sake and is made with rice malt and not distilled alcohol. Taikan Hakusaseisho is produced using low-temperature, long-term fermentation techniques with over 150 years of tradition, aging for over 600 days in a stone-built sake brewery. A veteran toji (master sake brewer) with 53 years of brewing experience carefully brews the sake manually for a deep, serene fragrance and mellow flavor that has never been experienced before. The picture on the label is from a piece sent to the brewery by grand master artist Taikan Yokoyama, and the writing on the label was written directly by his brush. This is a luxurious sake where you can enjoy a traditional Japanese painting while having a drink.