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Takeda Winery Sans Soufre Shiro (Happou) (Sparkling wine)

Takeda Winery’s in-house farm carries out integrated grape cultivation, harvest, distilling, fermenting, and shipping. In 1989, it succeeded in creating the pioneer champagne in Japan, and in 2007 released Takeda Winery Sans Soufre, a wine made to sparkle inside the bottle without using sulfur dioxide. The sweet refreshing flavor has been praised by many sommeliers. It was not an easy road. Takeda Winery has met each hardship with a return to the fundamentals, faithfully and sincerely refining both the flavor of the wine and its distilling technique. This winery takes no shortcuts—
it achieved organic soil treatment over a 20-year period without reliance on soil replacement or chemical fertilizers, and picks all grapes by hand, also detecting and discarding unripe and diseased bunches by eye and hand.