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Tenkuu no Yama-cha (Green tea)

Green Tea
The area around Yamashiro District in the city of Miyoshi, Tokushima prefecture is known as one of foremost tea growing regions on the island of Shikoku. Here the natural conditions are finely balanced, with steep hillsides and deep mountain mists for limited sunlight and falling winds. Together with this there are teas with a variety of hybrid-induced traits. The result is an amazing premium brand of tea known as Tenkuu no Yama-cha. On the slopes of a mountain of over 300 meters, three farm houses stand where people work to cultivate in a natural way, using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The tea they produce grows wild from narrow gaps in between rocks or on steep hillsides. Among this wild growing tea only the most flavorful and aromatic teas are chosen, meaning that only a very small volume is harvested. Picked by hand with great care, this rare beverage will delight tea drinkers with its mild flavors and soft scents.