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Tennyo no Hagoromo (Scarf made with thin fabric)

From fiber powerhouse Ishikawa prefecture comes Tennyo no Hagoromo, a scarf made from the world’s thinnest, lightest fiber. Woven from ultra-thin thread approximately one-fifth the diameter of a strand of hair, the lightest products in the line weigh in at a stunning five grams per square meter. It’s light-as-air sensation, fluidity of motion and the exquisite sheen it emits, just as light reflects off the surface of water, are all evidence of the top-notch quality that only cutting-edge technical capabilities are able to express. Also available are prints and puffy stoles, dresses and others, with over 1,000 types of fabric products.

[Producer’s Remarks]
The designer Yuki Takase is creating novel fabric products out of the flat weave of Tennyo no Hagoromo. My favorite item is Budo-chief, a grape-shaped handkerchief, which gives a different impression to the necklines of men. Not only is there a high level of technological expertise with the making of the fabrics, but it is also garnering much attention and acclaim at top fashion houses outside of Japan for its design. (Hiroshi Onishi)