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Tenohira Tongs (Palm-sized tongs)

Designed with thorough consideration of the process of serving and eating salad, this compact and functional product is a revolutionary re-creation of the Western-style tongs inspired by the innovative power of Japanese manufacturing.
The tongs combine the refined cool beauty of stainless steel with a soft user-friendly design. They slip snugly into the hand, ideal for clasping and picking lettuce and other leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and small salad ingredients such as beans. They can also be used to easily scoop up oil or dressing and spread it over the helping. The product boasts strength tested through a series of 24,000 consecutive flexings, as well as durability and safety. A fusion of minimalism and functionalism, at first glance this product looks simple enough, but in fact it epitomizes the sophisticated technologies possessed by small and medium-sized enterprises, which compose the core of Japanese manufacturing.