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Tetsu Kesho Meshi Wan (Rice bowl)

The Tetsu Kesho Meshi Wan is appealing for its rough texture. Tetsu Kesho (iron ornamentation) is a style developed by Mr. Ono. It is engaging for its simple yet bold expression created by abrading the clay slip coating with a wire brush. It
is made with new clay from Tokoname in Aichi prefecture, and the warmth of that clay comes through when the bowl is cradled in the hand. With a certain air about it, the piece adds charm to any table.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Tetsu Kesho is a style that has become Mr. Ono’s trademark. His pieces are popular with men and women alike, probably because they have a strong presence that naturally prompts people to take them in hand. The more they are used, the more they become beautiful and deepen their taste.. (Tomoo Shoken)