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Tetsu Yuu Rimu Bachi (Iron-glazed rimmed bowl)

The focus of this product is the expression of depth given by this black hue. Contrary to what it may seem, this color is not so easily produced. Once the piece has been shaped, an iron glaze made with iron-rich clay and ash is applied
to the surface. In the stove, the glaze and the underlying clay base mix to create a deep black hue. Mr. Yoshida, whose workshop is located at the base of Mount Fuji, explains that by not adding any unnecessary elements, staying simple, and keeping a close and critical eye on the piece until the very end, the final product possesses a deep expression and leaves a lasting impression with people. Tableware with such a high aesthetic sense not only makes food more attractive, but also allows it to be enjoyed as an artistic object for displaying, or even for floating flowers in. The simple presence of it expresses a lovely dignity and deep essence.