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Tetsubachi (Iron bowl)

Akihiko Sugita is an up-and-coming young artist who creates lacquerware with the feel and texture of iron using a unique technology for applying lacquer in layers. Attracted by the appeal of lacquerware, a traditional Japanese craft, he completed his apprenticeship and became an independent artist two years ago. His talent quickly gained recognition and today attracts great interest as evidenced by the fact that his works are used by top-rated restaurants in Paris. Drawing on his unusual background as a student of philosophy and a trained soba chef, Sugita designed this product
after the image of the bowls used by Buddhist monks. By blending the supple round shape of the bowls with the unique feel of lacquerware, he has created a product with a distinctively calm and tranquil vibe. The rich poetic ambience of the black color creates a modern impression and exquisitely sets off any dish. This is a piece of tableware created with a deep passion for food.