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Enjoy the breathtaking coastal landscapes unique to an island nation

Travel Experience
The Coastline
The Japanese archipelago lies in a boundless ocean. Surrounded by the sea, with countless islands and headlands of different sizes in a higgledy-piggledy topography, the coastlines would measure about 34,000 kilometers if laid out straight. Three places amidst this convoluted topography are considered the most scenic in the country: Rikuzen no Matsushima, Tango no Amanohashidate, and Aki no Miyajima. They’ve had a special place in the hearts of the Japanese since ancient times, often instilling a desire to visit. Their beauty blendswith the grandeur of the sea, amplifying the work of Mother Nature as uniquely graceful coastlines. Think of your time traveling in Japan as a journey through varied topography, to make your journey more interesting and meaningful. This is true whether you soak in a hot spring by the sea, or enjoy nature and animals that can be seen only beside the sea. Splendid vistas by the sea, the beauty of a setting sun... These and more are yours to experience, only in Japan.

Ibusuki Sunamushi Onsen
(Natural Sand Baths)

Put on a kimono-like yukata and lie covered in sand heated by steam rising up from below. This type of natural sand steam spa is unique in Japan, and rare in the world. The heat spreads slowly and pleasantly to the center of your body. The experience has been medically verified to improve blood circulation, promote detoxification, and beautify the skin. Lie wrapped in the heat of the earth to bring comfort to both body and soul.

Tourist Division, Industry Promotion Department, Ibusuki City Hall 2424 Ju-cho Ibusuki-shi Kagoshima-ken 891-0497

Dolphin Watching

About 200 wild dolphins romp in the sea near Tsuji Island in Amakusa, and a 10-minute boat ride from the port will take you to them. The opportunity is unique in the world, and there is an approximately 95% probability of seeing them from the boat.

Amakusa Dolphin Information 4689-1 Futae Itsuwamachi Amakusa-shi Kumamoto-ken 863-2421