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The Second Aid (Disaster kit)

This is a new emergency preparedness set from Sendai, which sustained enormous damage as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. This set is based on the concept of “keep it near, before a crisis occurs.” Even in Japan, a land of natural disasters, the fact is that emergency sets are not always near before a crisis occurs. In consideration of this, there is The Second Aid, a well-designed emergency set that contains only the essentials, chosen based on first-hand experience of disaster. An A-4 paper size makes this set compact enough to be stored in a general living area, such as on a book shelf or under a television. Included are items only someone who has been through a disaster would think of, namely, an emergency manual for when a disaster occurs, sanitary towels, matches with candles, and other items. Also contained in this emergency set is the knowledge that Japan, where many earthquakes occur, is uniquely qualified to share.