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Toko Ginjo Umeshu (Plum liqueur)

Japanese Plum Liquor
Umeshu (plum liqueur) has a long history, and today it remains part of a food culture that has taken root widely among the general public. Recipes for it date back to the Honchoshokkan, a book on everyday food in Japan that was published in 1697. Umeshu is also known for containing citric acid and minerals that are good for health due to their sterilizing and fatigue recovery properties. This product is an authentic umeshu made by a long-standing brewery. It is also a “Triple Crown Umeshu,” having won top prize at each of the last three umeshu contests held in Japan. Ordinary,
the plum is steeped in Shochu Group Ko, but Toko Ginjo Umeshu uses shochu made from sake lees of Japanese junmai ginjo sake (specially brewed sake). This modern taste that harmonizes the refreshing flavor of unripe plums with a gorgeous ginjo fragrance that conjures thoughts of pears and apples and the soft sweetness of rice malt, and conveys a rich history along with the feeling of the coming of a new era.