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Tsugaru Vidro NEBUTA Tayobachi (Handcrafted glass bowls)

Tsugaru Vidro is handmade glasswar e resplendent with the vibrant colors of Japan’s beautiful four seasons and filled with the warm ambience inherent to handiwork. Its roots can be traced back to the manufacturing of glass buoys used for fishing, which were hand-blown in the style that originated more than 2000 years ago. This multicolored glass bowl reflects, in eight abundant colors, the vibrant atmosphere of Nebuta, one of the three largest summer festivals in the Tohoku region and a summer seasonal tradition in Aomori prefecture. The colored glass was blended by the anufacturer, who used colors that match the image of Nebuta, creating the perfect harmony between the transparence of the glass and the brilliance of the colors. Uniquely Japanese in its exquisite beauty, this glass bowl was created by a company with long-standing traditions in the manufacturing of glass that reflects the spirit of each of the four seasons through combinations of more than 100 different colors.