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two piece tunnel (Open toe mules)

Geta are a form of traditional Japanese footwear made of wood. MIZUTORI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. was established in the city of Shizuoka, a thriving footwear production center, in 1937. Originally, the company manufactured traditional geta, but as the Japanese lifestyle changed, fewer and fewer people wore their products. The company explored the modern modalities of geta and proactively engaged in joint projects with universities and product development with the
help of externally-hired designers. “two piece tunnel” is an indoor footwear that brings the traditions of geta into the modern lifestyle. The sole of these unique shoes is made of two wooden planks connected by elastic rubber material, so the shoe bends easily following the movements of the foot, enabling users to enjoy a comfortable walking experience even for extended periods of time. The sole is made of Japanese cypress, a material known for its excellent moisture-
absorption and moisture-retaining properties. This innovative product offers the perfect blend of stylish design and comfort.