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Urushi Wan (Lacquered bowls)

Urushi lacquerware is often used for special occasions and is an opulent sort of tableware. The lacquerware of young craftsman Mr. Yazawa has a strong but reserved core and a dignity all its own. While preserving the tradition of Japanese lacquering, which was born out of respect for nature, these pieces are extremely rare in that they’re easy to use and easily blend into daily meals. Growing up in a family immersed in the tradition of Kamakurabori ware, where from a young age Mr. Yazawa used lacquer and grew to know its texture and comfort, was surely a major influence for
his work. Mr. Yazawa is particular about the wood he uses, choosing only trees native to Japan such as the sakura tree and Japanese Judas in order to give his pieces a depth that never bores. Even if the lacquer eventually flakes off, these bowls can be re-lacquered and used forever. This is one Japanese dish you’ll want to have.