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Wave Bowl (Wave-shaped bowls)

Japanese lacquer ware is also called “Japan ware.” One of Japan’s world-famous lacquer producing areas is the city of Wajima at the Noto peninsula. For this product, new Wajima lacquer ware has been created using as a theme the waves of the Sea of Japan that the city overlooks. The randomly placed waves on the edges are individually handmade by craftsmen who carry on the tradition. When looked at exactly from the side, they indeed look like bulging waves. They bear various hues, with Honshu (carmine), Araishu (orange), Urumi (wine red), and Kuro (black) urushi applied to express the morning, midday, evening, and midnight suns, respectively. The designs are in harmony with not only Japanese food but also cuisine from around the world. These bowls, which are made by craftsmen carrying on the Wajima lacquer ware techniques, and go through over 130 stages of production, convey not only the Sea of Japan but also a unique Japanese attention to detail.