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Wine Venus Sakurazawa Chardonnay

The Okunota Budoshu Jozo domaine-style winery in the city of Koshu, Yamanashi prefecture is a complete operation that cultivates grapes and brews wine. The wine produced with Chardonnay grapes from their own vineyard is complex, woven with a comfortable sourness, a rich, fruity flavor, and a tinge of bitterness. The deep flavor produced by the terroir has world-class personality.

[Producer’s Remarks]
The soil of Yamanashi prefecture, a leading producer of Japanese wines, is the very reason that Yamanashi wine will only gain in prominence. Now, Yamanashi is working to project its system of support for young winemakers to all regions across the country. With its young winemakers being particularly capable of bringing the power of IT to quality management, this is one winery to keep an eye on.(Hiroshi Onishi)