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Wine Wan (Wine cups)

Drinking Vessels (Lipped Bowls/Sake Bottles/Sake Cups)
The Wine Wan is a Japanese tableware piece for wine created in Yamanashi prefecture, which is known as a producer of wine representative of Japan. Since the Meiji period, Yamanashi prefecture has had a culture of drinking wine from teacups, and at the Tobo Kamahachi kiln every effort was made to develop a cup that would offer more ways to enjoy wine. This resulted in the Wine Wan, which is fired in a firewood kiln. The manufacturing process uses only clay that is fired at high temperature and does not apply glaze. It is a traditional way of firing pottery that has a history of over 1000 years in Japan. The pottery surface is rough, and finger marks remain inside so that the merits of the clay appear unaltered. This means there is more surface area to come in contact with the air and draw out the best qualities of wine. The Wine Wan fits nicely in the hand and allows both wine and Japanese culture to be enjoyed.