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Yoganyu no Utsuwa (Lava-glazed bowl)

A pottery glaze is something that creates a layer of glass on the surface material and gives pottery its color and luster. The glaze used by Mr. Yamashita for his Yoganyu no Utsuwa comes from the lava rock of Mt. Aso, an active volcano in
Kumamoto prefecture where he grew up. Because he uses only lava rock and water without any other additives, the composition of the elements is subtlety different each time, so that not one piece is the same as the next. These pieces
are born out of humility toward nature and how it is constantly in flux. This pottery style is very rare and pays homage to both his hometown and the majestic Mt. Aso. Its attractiveness comes from how he’s harnessed this wildness in an original way. His use of clay from Kumamoto prefecture is the biggest expression of respect for the blessings of the natural surroundings where he was raised. In a nutshell, this piece is simultaneously easygoing and full of strength.