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Yukyushi Daifukucho (Notebook made with washi)

Notebooks/Datebooks/Memo Pads
Yukyushi paper is Japanese paper made with a traditional method using sunset hibiscus and homegrown hybrid mulberry trees in Gokayama, which has been designated a World Heritage Site. Amid freezing cold winters, the bark of the mulberry tree is dried on top of snow to b leach it naturally. The Yukyushi Daifukucho (Notebook made with washi, named after traditional Japanese account book) is both durable and beautiful, and perfect for protecting family

[Producer’s Remarks]
It is said that this washi will last for almost 1,000 years. Since it is light, it won’t become bulky even when several notebooks are stacked together. It is perfect for writing a diary over dozens of years. It stands up to ultraviolet rays and won’t deteriorate, but it becomes even whiter when it is left in the sun. (Akiko Hino)