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Yuteki Tenmoku Matchawan (Yuteki Tenmoku-style ceramic tea bowl)

Yuteki Tenmoku, the unique glazing technique in which silvery-white or golden patterns emerge on the background of jet-black glaze like floating droplets of oil, produces bowls that have been valued as the finest and most sophisticated ware in the world of tea ceremony. The Yuteki Tenmoku technique was born in China during the Sung Dynasty (10th –
13th century) and transferred to Japan. Today, Yuteki Tenmoku tea bowls are rare pieces made only in Japan. A large part of the creation process depends on natural conditions and requires highly-sophisticated techniques, so in the past only a handful of artists had the ability to make Yuteki Tenmoku ware. Against this backdrop, Rizaemon, a venerable
manufacturer of Hasami porcelain, engaged in thorough research and eventually succeeded in developing an efficient method for production of Yuteki Tenmoku bowls. While an original bowl handcrafted by an artist costs several hundred thousand yen, similar products created by Rizaemon can be purchased at a reasonable price and enjoy broader use. They are the perfect first step for getting acquainted with the appeal of Yuteki Tenmoku ware. The jetblack surface of the bowl exquisitely sets off the brilliant green color of the powdered tea.