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Yuwakashi Kumimono (Set of teakettle, fire pit, and spirit lamp)

This product is a true collector’s item that combines in a single set a Tsugaru ceramics teakettle and fire pit made in city of Hirosaki, Aomori prefecture, with a spirit lamp. The teakettle, which is not made of metal, ensures that the brew is free from impurities. The pit is made of local clay using the hidasuki firing technique that leaves specific marks called hidasuki or “fire cord decorations” that are imprinted on the surface of the pottery. The flame of the spirit lamp slowly brings the water to a boil, creating a relaxing and luxurious teatime ambience.
*Do not use the teakettle with gas stoves or electromagnetic cookers.

[Producer’s Remarks]
This Tsugaru ceramics set is a simple product with deep and refined flavor. I particularly liked the idea of boiling water with a spirit lamp. The product was originally designed as a set for brewing Japanese powder tea, but it can be used for making English or Taiwanese tea to enrich and bring enjoyment to the daily teatime customs of various foreign culture.(Rika Yajima)